Why choose complementary cat food?

Understanding what to feed your cat to ensure a nutritionally balanced diet can be difficult for pet parents. So we’re here to give you all the information you need to provide your feline with the ideal diet. Read on for our complete guide to complementary cat food.

What is complementary cat food?

Complete cat food contains all the vitamins and minerals that your cat requires to be healthy and is a suitable meal to feed your feline at every mealtime. Complementary cat food often comprises of wet cat food and treats. Encore complementary food is made with 100% natural ingredients, this means it contains no added vitamins or minerals. Dry food often contains these, making them complete.

However, crunching on the same complete dry food day-in-day-out can be monotonous and can leave your cat feeling dissatisfied with mealtimes and hungry for variety. Satisfying your four-legged friend’s taste buds is as simple as feeding them a complementary cat food alongside a complete dry food.

Step by step guide to feeding a complementary cat food

  1. Choose your cats favourite Encore wet food flavours – or try a new flavour!
  2. Provide a complete dry food – why not try out Encore dry food with 80% animal protein.
  3. Use our feeding guide as a recommendation for the amount to feed your cat.
  4. Let your cat tuck in and enjoy!

1. Choose your cats favourite Encore wet food flavours

Whether it’s chicken or tuna that your cat loves, you know your cat’s preferences better than anyone else. Choose a few complementary cat food flavours you know your cat will love. If you know what your cat likes, purchase our multipacks, but if you’re looking to try something new, our tins and pouches can also be bought individually.

This will give your feline not only variety but some added excitement at mealtimes. So, when your cat hears the click of the tin and the aroma of something a little different, they will race to the bowl for their Encore!

2. Provide a complete dry food

To provide your cat with a nutritious diet packed full of variety, you should serve a bowl full of your usual complete dry food and complement it with a flavour that they’re bound to love. If your cat is a fish lover, why not complement their complete chicken and salmon dry food with a tasty tuna fillet in whitebait broth.

3. Use our feeding guide as a recommendation

Every cat should have their diet tailored to their weight, health, breed and lifestyle. When the weather gets bleak, your cat’s instant reaction is to retreat indoors, find a favourite spot and sleep 24/7. What a life, hey! In contrast, when the sun shines, your cat beams with excitement because it’s the perfect time to play with their favourite toy or head outdoors.

Our feeding guide should be used as just that, a guide! You know your cats better than anyone, and if you notice any changes in their weight, energy or ability you should consult your vet immediately.


4. Let your feline tuck in and enjoy!

A complete dry cat food ensures that all your feline’s nutritional requirements are fulfilled, feeding them a complementary cat food alongside will provide a tasty bit of variety for your feline’s taste buds.

At Encore, our dry cat food is nutritionally complete and should be complemented with our wet food. With up to 75% real animal protein, high in moisture content and made with 100% natural ingredients, Encore will never leave your cat dissatisfied!

Why not check out our range of complementary cat food flavours and see which of our delicious medleys tickle your feline’s taste buds?

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