Wet Food

Discover all the flavours of Encore. Give your dog chicken breast in nutritious broth or tender beef steak in rich gravy. Every Encore recipe is made with 100% natural ingredients and up to 75% real meat with natural omega oils to keep you dog healthy and happy. More real meat for them means more cuddles for you!

Wet Food for your Dog

Chicken Breast with Ham and Vegetables in Broth Tin - 156g

Beef Steak in Gravy Tin - 156g

Chicken with Vegetables Puppy Tin - 95g

Chicken Breast in Broth Tin - 156g

Chicken Breast with Beef Liver and Vegetables in Broth Tin - 156g

Beef with Vegetables Pate - 400g

Turkey with Vegetables Pate - 400g

Pate Selection Trays - 5 x 150g

Chicken Selection in Broth Tins - 5 x 156g

Beef Selection in Gravy Tins - 5 x 156g

Chicken Selection in Jelly Pouches - 5 x 100g

Finest Selection in Jelly Pouches - 5 x 100g


Natural Wet Dog Food

We believe that your dog deserves the best, that why Encore natural dog food is lovingly made with the very best ingredients – the finest chicken breast and tasty toppings like beef, liver, tuna or salmon- so good, you can see the difference.

Our wet dog food recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients and contain absolutely no artificial fillers, colours, or preservatives. Encore offers a selection of flavours and textures to give your companion the variety that they are sure to love. Our fresh selection of broth, tins and pouches offer up to 75% real meat with a variety of toppings that will excite your dogs taste buds. Flavours such as tasty chicken, flavoursome ham and juicy beef steak will have your dog racing for meal times! Our fish products are only ever caught from sustainable species using dolphin friendly fishing methods, meaning you know that you are feeding your dog the very best, with no compromises. At Encore we care about what’s inside so all our recipes are wheat free, gluten free and hypo-allergenic, making them great for fussy eaters or sensitive stomachs.