Wet Dog Food - Tins


Open a tin of Encore and your dog will be running for meal times. Try beef steak in rich gravy or chicken breast with ham and vegetables in broth. Our recipes are created with all natural ingredients, up to 75% real meat and lots of tasty toppings to keep your dog fit and full of energy ready for w.a.l.k.i.e.s!

Tins for your Dog

Beef in Gravy Tin - 156g

Finest Selection in Broth Tins - 5 x 156g

Chicken Breast in Broth Tin - 156g

Chicken Breast with Ham and Vegetables in Broth Tin - 156g

Chicken Selection in Broth Tins - 5 x 156g

Beef Selection in Gravy Tins - 5 x 156g

Chicken Breast with Beef in Gravy - 156g

Meat Selection in Gravy - 5 x 156g


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Wet Dog Food Tins

Encore wet dog food tins contain the finest, freshest ingredients that will have your dog running for meal times! Each of our delicious recipes is made with 100% natural ingredients and up to 75% real meat that looks good enough to eat yourself! We have specially selected a range of delicious flavours and toppings, including chicken breast, tuna fillet and tasty beef steak to provide variety and flavour that will delight. Our food isn’t just delicious, all of our recipes are formulated without cereals and are gluten free and hypoallergenic, meaning they are great for those fussy eaters and sensitive tums. Our food is sourced and produced to the highest quality standards, meaning that our wet food recipes are made made with human grade ingredients created with partners that meet the requirements of organisations including the British Retail Consortium. It’s food that’s, ethical, healthy and tastes great. Discover Encore Natural Dog food tins today.