Dry food

Encore dry cat food is completely balanced – like your cat walking on a fence. Our tasty kibbles are made with 80% lean animal protein, natural omega oils and essential nutrients to support your cat's health and wellbeing. Grain-free for easy digestion and naturally hypoallergenic for a strong immune system.

Dry Food for your Cat

Chicken with Salmon Dry Food - 800g

Chicken Dry Food - 800g


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Dry Cat Food

Encore complete dry cat food is packed with animal proteins, omega oils and prebiotics – giving your cat an exceptionally tasty and well-balanced diet they can enjoy every day. Dry cat food forms an essential foundation to your cat’s general wellbeing and overall health. With two delicious recipes to choose from, it can be fed alone, or mixed with a succulent meat-based dish for a little variety.

Why dry cat food?

A grain free dry cat food that is rich in wholesome goodness and essential oils, ensures the best opportunity for good health in sensitive felines. Giving your cat the best possible diet means they can be their best selves too – leaping and hunting like nature intended!

For a little variety, mix Encore dry cat food with a few mouthfuls of our delicious high-protein broths. Cats can be fickle creatures, and you may find they occasionally prefer something more succulent at mealtimes to keep things interesting.

Feeding complete dry cat food

A combination of natural dry cat food and our complementary food products offers your cat the chance to enjoy a delicious and varied diet that will keep them purring every time the cupboard door opens.