Our pates are packed full with more real meat, garden vegetables and are easy to digest – Encore recipes are complete and balanced, to keep dogs healthy and owners happy.

Pâtés for your Dog

Beef with Vegetables Pate - 400g

Pate Selection Trays - 5 x 150g

Turkey with Vegetables Pate - 400g

Lamb with Vegetables Pate - 400g


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Wet Dog Food -Pate

A healthy dog is a happy dog, which is why high quality meat is the No. 1 ingredient in this complete and balanced range. These rustic, pate style recipes are freshly prepared with natural ingredients and delicious garden vegetables, that are highly palatable and easy to digest. Each serving provides an excellent source of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for healthy skin & a shiny coat. With no artificial flavourings and colourings, they provide a natural source of essential protein, vitamins and minerals to support your dogs overall health and wellbeing.