For Cats

Cats like to keep you on your toes. Encore natural wet and dry foods give your pet a balanced diet and a delicious variety for when they change their mind. All of our recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients and up to 75% real meat, which is rich in taurine and omega oils, to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Wet Food
Dry Food

Chicken with Salmon Dry Food - 800g

Chicken Dry Food - 800g


Mackerel Fillet - 30g

Whole Tuna Loin - 30g

Chicken Fillet with Rosemary - 30g

Natural Cat Food

Encore natural cat food makes every day, exceptional. Here at Encore, we pride ourselves on creating natural cat food made, from the highest quality ingredients- so good, you can see the difference

Quality cat food with every bite

Every tin, pouch and treat contains high-quality ingredients that offers a unique taste sensation for your cat with every mouthful. From the tender chicken breasts to the juicy chunks of tuna, everything that goes into our recipes is natural and rich in taurine. Our fish is caught using only sustainable, dolphin-friendly fishing methods, ensuring that you know exactly what you are getting with every Encore natural cat food product.

We don’t just stop at being tasty – our protein rich food provides a helpful source of essential amino acids such as Taurine to Arginine. At Encore we know that your cat is part of the family, so we strive to create food that will put a spring in their step. Each delicious serving of Encore provides a source of Omega 3 or 6, to keep coats shiny, eyes bright and tails wagging.

Luxury cat food selection

Everybody like a selection- including cat, which is why we have created a range of natural wet and dry food that provides a balanced and healthy diet for your cat. And if they’ve been particularly good this week, why not also try one of our high protein, 100% natural loins for a healthy, everyday treat?

Whether your feline friend likes pouches, tins or pots, we have them catered for at Encore. Choose from singles or multipacks – it’s up to you. Each of our ingredients are specially selected to offer a selection of tastes and textures, including jelly, broth and loin treats. Our pots and broth pouches have a see through pack so you – and your cat – can see the difference.