Why is natural pet food better for my cat?

Read on to find out more on why natural pet food could be a great addition to your cat's diet!

Natural cat food offers high quality nutrition and wholesome ingredients that have been carefully selected for taste and overall well being. Natural food for cats covers three vital components that are beneficial for all round health.

  • High-quality cuts of meat, like chicken breast and tuna loin
  • A balance of protein and carbohydrates
  • A natural source of taurine amino acid, essential for heart health

Natural Food for Cats

Encore natural wet cat food could be the perfect addition to your feline friend’s diet. Our complementary wet food pouches, tins and pots are lovingly created for taste, flavour and nutrition. We only use the highest quality cuts of meat in our healthy gourmet cat food, including whole chicken breasts and fillets of fish.

Natural food for cats doesn’t end there; we also offer 100% natural loins, so you can treat your cat without the guilt. Each loin is made with 100% tuna fillet or mackerel, making it healthy and delicious. These wholesome treats can encourage playful behaviour or can be added to meals as delicious flakes for extra flavour.

There are no artificial flavours or preservatives in our natural food for cats. Each pouch, pot or tin is rich in natural protein, oils and fats that are essential for the development of lean muscles, a healthy heart and strong joints.

Why Natural Cat Food?

There is a reason why natural cat food is top of the list for proactive pet owners. A diet rich in natural flavours, real meat and carefully chosen carbohydrates can help towards overall long-term health and wellbeing. Encore provides a natural source of taurine – an amino acid that contributes to effective heart function and healthy eyes.

Taurine occurs naturally in the muscle tissue of chicken breasts, tuna, sardines and mackerel fillets, which are all sources of protein that are used in our recipes. These naturally occurring amino acids- as well as the other natural vitamins and minerals found in our meals- will provide your cat with the highest quality nutrition for a healthy, happy life.

Healthy Gourmet Cat Food

At Encore, we strive to create healthy and natural food that you can feed to your cat every single day. Our meals are lovingly prepared and each one is a healthy, gourmet cat food rich in succulent meats, essential amino acids and slow-release carbohydrates. Our complementary wet foods must be served alongside our high quality complete dry cat food to ensure a full and balanced diet. Our dry food is grain-free and contains 80% protein, so it is ideal for cats that suffer with sensitives and allergies.

It’s easy to see why natural cat food is preferred by many cats and owners alike. Encore pouches and pots have a see-through window, so you can see the quality of our ingredients. Simply tear and serve and your cat will come running at mealtimes.

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