Dylan’s Encore Food Diary

Frustrated with Dylan's fussy eating, pet parent Marie opted to try Encore natural pet food for one month. Read on to see how they found it!

Digital Marketing Executive, Marie Williams was keen to find out the full potential of Encore Pet Food. A keen animal-lover, Marie is mum to three cats – Dylan, Daisy, and Tilly – and two dogs – Poppy and Alfie. Of her three cats, Dylan is by far the fussiest eater. He often picks at his food and goes off certain brands quite quickly. Marie opted to try Encore natural pet food for one month, to see how Dylan would react to the change and to pinpoint any noticeable differences in the wellbeing of Dylan and his sisters.

A little bit about Dylan

Close up of Dylan the cat as we follow his Encore cat diary

Dylan is almost 6 years-old. He is a feisty but affectionate cat and lives happily with his brothers and sisters. Dylan has always been a fussy eater and, as a rule, has always preferred dry cat food to wet food. He usually sleeps all day, preferring the comfortable sofa or a nook on the stairs to roaming around outside like his siblings. However, at night he is a lot more active and often ventures out to hunt. Occasionally – to Marie’s horror – he sometimes slinks back home with a mouse or bird in the early hours!

Typical eating habits

  • Generally small appetite, eating two small meals a day with biscuits to graze on
  • Prefers dry food but will sometimes eat half a wet food pouch at a time
  • Very specific about flavours. Dylan hates beef but loves tuna – Dylan knows what he likes!

Week One

“Week one of feeding Dylan Encore cat food went well,” says Marie. “As soon as the pouch of chicken broth was opened, he and the other animals were really curious about the new smell, coming towards me and rubbing themselves against my legs.”

“I popped the broth into Dylan’s food bowl and placed it onto the floor in the usual place. He tucked in immediately and finished the lot – which was a big surprise considering his usual eating habits. I also fed him a handful of the chicken-flavoured complete dry food, which he loved.

“A couple of days into the trial, I noticed Dylan’s sister getting closer and closer to Dylan’s bowl, once she had finished her own food. Even before and after feeding times, she would be in the background, clearly very curious about this new food. On one occasion, she decided to poke her nose into Dylan’s bowl and try some for herself. The anticipation was clearly too much! But luckily, Dylan was happy enough to share.”

Week Two

On the second week, Marie decided to try Dylan on the tinned cat food, as the trial with the pouches had gone so well. This seemed just as successful and Dylan certainly seemed to enjoy the tinned food.

“He ate every last bit straight away!” Marie laughs. “His favourite was definitely the tuna and shrimp tin. Although this came as no great surprise to me as he loves getting tuna as a treat every now and again. We also gave him a few of the pots which he also loved and ate up instantly.”

Week Three

By week three, Dylan was becoming well accustomed to his premium meals. Although usually late to the table at mealtimes and sometimes just preferring to graze throughout the day, Dylan had started to anticipate and predict mealtimes, turning up right on time every day, twice a day.

“He and Daisy had started to push and shove one other around a bit,” says Marie. “Daisy would sometimes steal the food right from under his nose! We started to introduce a little of the Encore food into Daisy’s meals too just to keep the peace.”

Week three was a real turning point for Dylan in terms of his general health and wellbeing.

“At this point, we were really starting to see a change in Dylan’s coat,” Marie tells us. “I noticed his fur was a lot shinier, his muscles were a little leaner and he generally looked really healthy.”

Week Four

Overall, Marie has seen a massive change in Dylan’s attitude towards food. Historically, he was not a cat that could be ruled by food, but this all changed during the Encore pet food trial. Dylan became very timely at mealtimes, turning up whenever an Encore pouch was rustled. And he seemed to genuinely enjoy the taste of the recipes.

“Dylan loved all the flavours, but the tuna and shrimp tins, in particular, were his favourite – along with the complete dry food, which he thoroughly enjoyed,” Marie says.

“He also really enjoyed the juices in the pots and the broth pouches. It was interesting to see how he reacted to the different textures and flavours of the meat.”

But it wasn’t only Dylan who enjoyed the Encore cat food trial. Marie found Encore has its benefits for pet owners too.

“From my perspective, the best thing about Encore pet food is that it looks and smells like real, natural food – as opposed to some other pet food brands that look incredibly processed and smell awful as a result.”

“I would definitely recommend Encore cat food to anyone who has a fussy cat or one that prefers smaller portions of wet food. If you want to make your cat a happy cat at dinner time, Encore is the one for them.”

If you’d like to find out more about Encore recipes, visit our FAQ page or have a browse through our cat food pages.

Photo of Dylan the cat to accompany his Encore cat diary
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