How Do You Settle a Cat into a New Home?

We all know that moving house can be incredible stressful, especially if you have a family and pets to consider! Read our article to find some helpful tips on introducing your cat to a new home.

Moving house can be a stressful time for you and your cat. The whole process of moving homes can cause a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about how your cat will handle the move and settle into their new home. However, if you take some time to plan your move, this could really help minimise the amount of stress for both you and your feline friend!

Packing and moving time

When the big day finally arrives, you will want the transition to been as smooth and stress free as possible for your cat. Your cat should be placed in a room with all the doors and windows closed to make sure he or she is safe and can be easily found when it’s time to go.

It can be helpful to put your cat inside their travel carrier an hour or so before the move actually happens. This will help your cat too get comfortable and settled, so the move won’t make them too agitated or scared. It may help to include familiar items inside the carrier, such as your cat’s favourite toys, a familiar blanket, and maybe even an item of your clothing so your cat is surrounded by your scent.

When you arrive at your new home with your cat, it can be helpful to establish a ‘safe space’ for your feline friend. This safe space should be away from the chaos and noise of the move and it’s worthwhile placing your cat’s belongings in this room. For example, their bed, litter tray, scratching post – all of their familiar items from your old home. A bit of familiarity will help when introducing a cat to a new home.

Settling in a new cat

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, it’s best to wait until everything has calmed down and the movers have left before you allow your cat to explore. Your cat is more likely to feel settled and comfortable if they’re able to investigate their new surroundings in their own time.

It may also be worth letting your cat get used to 1 or 2 rooms first before roaming the full house. You don’t want your cat to feel scared and become overwhelmed by their new home, so establishing a ‘safe place’ for them is important. It is also advised to keep your cat indoors for at least 10 days until they are settled into the new house before you let them venture outside.

Encouraging your cat to feel comfortable

If you find that your cat is struggling to adjust to his or her new environment, then it may be worth investing in a pheromone dispenser. Pheromone dispensers can be great to help calm and distress your cat whilst they are settling into their new home. They can also discourage certain behaviours, such as excessive prowling and scratching. These dispensers are also very effective at relieving stress for cats.

Purchasing some exciting new toys to stimulate your feline friend in their new home can also be a great way of encouraging them to feel comfortable and settled. This can prevent your cat from becoming bored or stressed and encourages their natural cat instincts. Rewarding your cat with a few little treats wouldn’t hurt either!

Our top tips to remember:

  • Be mindful of the packing and moving process and try to minimise stress for your cat.
  • Allow your cat some time to explore their new home.
  • Buy products to encourage your cat to get comfortable in their surroundings e.g. familiar toys, bedding, and treats!

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