Top tips for new cat owners

You must be a new cat owner – at Encore we love all kittens and cats. As experts in keeping cats healthy and recommending kitten food, we thought we’d compile some cat owner tips that could help you through the beginning of this fun, new journey. Read on to find out more.

Basic Cat Owner Tips

It’s really important for new cat owners to know the ingredients in the recommended kitten food (or cat food, depending on their age). At Encore, we like to tell you exactly what’s inside our products, so you know they are made with love. Our recipes are made with natural ingredients and never any artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings. To give your cat the best start in life, they need high-quality kitten food made with real meat. Choose Encore pet foods with up to 75% real meat – your kitten will find them delicious and easy to digest.

Cats are very sociable animals. They love to be talked to and interacted with, so make sure you try to connect with your cat as often as possible. A great way to do this is through regular grooming, which also ensures that your cat’s fur remains shiny and smooth. Or you could try training – yes, cats can be trained! Don’t expect backflips to begin with but teaching them a few rules will be helpful for your new cat in the long run. Remember to reward good behaviour and they’ll stay interested for longer.

The best treat is one of our Encore Loins. Choose mackerel or tuna – both are rich in essential fatty oils, making them essential cat and kitten supplies (everybody loves incentives, even cats and kittens.)

Isolated image of an Encore tuna loin treat in a pouch

Kitten supplies for new owners

Every new cat or kitten owner has to ensure that everything their new family member needs is under their roof. Scratching posts need to be in position, as well as cat beds, blankets, and food. When it comes to tips for new cat owners, the most crucial one of all has to be making sure that your new addition eats a healthy balance and high protein diet.

Another one of our new cat owner tips is to always leave some food out for your cat or kitten to graze on, especially if they will be alone while you are out or at work. On average cats have around 8 micro meals a day,  however, if your cat is neutered you may need to measure food to ensure your cat doesn’t overeat.  Luckily, Encore has created an extensive range of both wet and dry food. Our chicken and salmon dry food recipes are especially ideal for independent cats – the perfect meal for on-the-go new cat owners to leave for their pets.

If you have enjoyed our tips for new cat owners and would like to purchase some high-quality cat food for your new arrival, click HERE to shop now.


Encore's top tips for new cat owners
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