Travelling with Cats: What to Pack

Travelling with cats can be a stressful experience. Read our tips on what to pack when you and your cat travel together.

Travelling with your cat can be a difficult experience. Whether you are moving house, going on holiday or simply just driving to the vets, there is plenty to consider. When it comes to travelling, cats definitely don’t share the same joy that dogs often do. That is why it is important for any cat owner to know what to take on your trips out. Below are Encore’s top tips on items to pack when you travel with your cat.

Cat Carrier and harness

Cats are not as easy to control as dogs. If you leave them out freely, they are highly unlikely to sit in one space for any amount of time. That is why we would recommend taking a cat carrier, regardless of how you are travelling. Keeping your cat secure is important to the safety of every traveller. Depending on the length of your journey we also recommend taking a harness with you. this will enable you to let your cat have a stretch during stops along your route.

Litter Box

Your holiday accommodation is unlikely to have a litter box, so it is important that you remember to pack a litter box and litter. Cats are creatures of habit and like familiar surroundings when it is time to go, so try to make sure you use the same type of litter and tray as you would at home. Remember, your cat can’t request a stop at the services either, so we recommend stops every couple of hours to ensure they are comfortable.

Bed and Toys

It is common for cats to get very uneasy when they travel. Familiarity is a good thing, so taking their bed and some of their favourite toys will help keep them calm.

Feline Pheromones

Feline pheromones can also be a real help when it comes to keeping your cat calm when travelling. Pheromone spray or other similar products can recreate the scent given off by your cat when they are calm. This can help to greatly reduce your cat’s anxiety about travelling and keep them relaxed.

Food and Water

A familiar diet and access to water is important for a happy and healthy break away with your cat. Buying your cat food in bulk is our recommendation, whether it is dry kibble or wet cat food pouches. It is far more convenient and will allow you to keep your feline friend fed without any hassle. Buying in bulk also means your cat food is easy and convenient to pack for your trip – simply pop your multipack cat food in the boot, and away you go.

Vet Records

 Our final tip is to remember to take your cat’s vet records with you. Hopefully you won’t need them but if you cat does fall ill or have an accident, then remembering your cats vet records will speed up the process for seeking treatment in the event of an emergency

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