Benefits of High Protein wet cat food

Here at Encore, we understand that choosing the right cat food can be tricky, especially since so many products advertise ‘high protein’. Read on to find out more about high protein wet food, including why high-quality meat really matters to keep your feline friend happy and healthy!

Key Benefits of High Protein Wet Food for Cats

  • Supports lean body mass (LBM)
  • Supports natural predatory instincts
  • Easy to digest
  • Rich in amino acids
  • High protein wet food is suitable for all life stages

Supports Lean Body Mass (LBM)

As your cat’s body weight consists of lean body mass (LBM) and fat mass, high protein wet food helps to support lean body mass. This helps to build and strengthen your feline’s muscles, bones, ligaments, and organs.

Cats, especially kittens, have bundles of energy and love indulging in playtime with their favourite toys. Strong and healthy muscles and organs are required as they are the main sources of metabolic activity.

At Encore, our wet cat food is not only delicious, but it is also filled with up to 75% real meat to provide your feline friend with a tasty, high protein meal to replenish their energy levels.

Supports Natural Predatory Instincts

Since cats are natural carnivores, they are biologically used to hunting meat in the wild. To fulfil their dietary requirements, cats desire natural meats that are rich in animal protein.

Giving your cat high protein wet food will provide them with a tasty meal that truly satisfies their cravings; plus, the added moisture provides a source of hydration. All Encore recipes are made with the highest quality animal protein and all our tuna is sourced using sustainable fishing methods.

Checking ingredients is key when finding a high quality, high protein cat food. Protein that comes from cereals or wheat should be avoided as this will put unnecessary stress on the liver and kidneys. The highest quality cat food will contain a high level of animal protein. Encore natural cat food contains up to 75% meat from chicken breast and tuna fillet, making it the perfect addition to your feline friend’s diet!

Rich in Amino Acids

Proteins also contain amino acids, which offer many important benefits for your cat’s physical appearance. Protein-rich wet cat food will ensure your cat has strong claws, maintains a silky-smooth coat, and can keep skin free from sensitivities. At Encore, our wet cat food also provides natural taurine, a component of animal-based protein, which works to protect cats from diabetes, and helps to promote healthy eye and heart function.

Not only is high protein wet food good for organs, joints, and appearance, but it also offers the added benefit of extra moisture, which in turn improves your cat’s hydration levels.

This added moisture has many benefits for your feline friend. Ensuring your cat has a high water intake prevents against Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and further complications.

High protein wet food benefits all cat ages

As cats age they can become more susceptible to illnesses, meaning that they require the healthiest diet to ensure a strong immune system. Many cat food brands in the UK market advertise their products as ‘high in protein’; however, high protein cat food can consist of plant-based protein, rather than natural animal meat.

It is important to note that plant-based protein (often called cereals or wheat in the ingredients) can be detrimental for a cat’s health. Cats obligate carnivores and have a short digestive tract; this means that plant-based protein can be hard on a their digestive system.

Since caring for your feline is our number one priority, at Encore we only use the highest quality animal protein. We have added some recommendations about using high protein dry and wet cat food below.

High Protein Dry/Wet Cat Food Recommendations

  • Research the content of plant-based protein vs animal protein.
  • To ensure a balanced and complete diet we recommend a mixture of high protein wet and dry cat food. Encore high protein dry food contains 80% natural protein.
  • Feed your feline high quality wet and dry cat food from a young age to ensure strong organs and easy digestion, so when they age they can still have bundles of energy!

Introducing Encore’s high protein wet food to your feline’s diet can provide great health benefits. All our wet cat food recipes are made with the highest quality animal protein and provide a natural source of taurine and amino acids.

Try Encore high protein wet cat food today!

Encore discusses the benefits of high protein wet cat food
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