What is the best all natural cat food?

What you should look for in natural cat food: High amounts of animal protein | 100% natural ingredients | A substantial amount of vitamins | More real meat

In recent years, pet owners have become much more informed about the relationship between their pet’s diet and their overall physical health. A substandard diet can impact negatively on the health of your cat and can lead to further health problems, such as diabetes, allergies, and skin conditions. Here at Encore, we believe that natural, high protein cat food is the best option for your feline friend!

Why high protein cat food is the best for your pet

Here at Encore, we think it is safe to say that cats deserve only the best food to allow them to function at the highest level. Like many other pets, and humans too, cats require protein in their diet as a source of energy and to help maintain healthy skin and coat. Additionally, high protein food is essential for supporting lean muscle mass, and we all know that our feline friends like to use their muscles when exploring!

What is the best natural cat food?

In order to understand what the best natural cat food is and its benefits, cat owners should consider what type of food they want to feed their cat and why. As responsible cat owners, we want to ensure that our animals are eating the best products that are 100% natural – without any nasty additional ingredients.

In the past, ingredients used in pet food production tended to contain additives and fillers rather than natural, healthy products. It is these kinds of practices in the cat food industry that have caused pet owners to become more concerned with what is actually in their cat’s food, causing a surge of interest and demand for natural cat food. It is important that you check your cat food has high levels of protein from animal sources, not cereals such as wheat. If protein is produced from cereals it will contain higher levels of carbohydrates, which causes stress to the liver and kidneys.

At Encore, we believe your pets deserve better and healthier food. That’s why we have created a range of delicious natural wet cat food and natural dry cat food that is made with up to 75% real meat and no artificial additives or flavours. A major advantage of us using real meat in our cat food is that it provides a natural source of taurine and omega oils – all of which keep your cat healthy and happy.

At Encore, we dedicate ourselves to making sure that every tin, pouch, and treat contains the same high-quality ingredients. After all, a happy cat makes for a happy owner! All of our complementary wet recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients and should be fed with our complete dry food for a healthy and balanced diet.


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