Travelling with Dogs

Going on holiday in the not too distant future and taking your dog with you? When travelling with dogs it’s always worthwhile thinking ahead about what your pooch needs to keep them happy. Here’s our dog travel guide on what to pack when taking dogs on holiday.

Travelling with Dogs: What to Pack

There are several things to consider before putting together your dog’s travel checklist. What makes your dog comfortable? What troubles your dog? What’s the best way to keep them secure during your trip?

Before you decide to take your dog in the car, make sure you‘ve considered our points below. If you feel that the trip might be too much stress for your dog, then it might just be best to make alternative arrangements for them while you’re away.

Dog beds and crates

The first tip in our dog travel guide is all about their comfort! Not only for when your dog is in the car but also for when you reach your destination. If your dog sleeps in a bed at home, it’s highly recommended that you bring it with you on your travels. This will reduce the likelihood of them becoming anxious and will help them to settle in unfamiliar surroundings.

Collar and leash

It’s important to remember that you’re not just travelling with your dog, it’s their holiday too. Make sure you take their collar and leash with them. If you’re embarking on a particularly long trip, then it’s advised that you take breaks to let your dog stretch his or her legs.

When you reach your destination, your dog is still going to need a daily walk. Ensure that your dog’s name tag is attached to their collar – this should have your name and address on – just in case your dog decides to go for an adventure by themselves. This way they can be identified and brought back to you safely.

Poop bags

As much as your dog will expect daily exercise, they will also still need to do their business! This might seem obvious but, with all the excitement of embarking on a holiday, it’s quite a common item that owners forget when travelling with dogs.

Dog first aid kit

Dogs have a knack for getting themselves into bother at the best of times, often without explanation! With this in mind, taking a dog first aid kit will prepare you for any minor injuries and accidents that may happen whilst you are away. This is particularly important should you be going on a camping trip or an outdoor adventure holiday.

It can be very much like a human first aid kit, as dogs tend to go through the same sort of issues. But you must also make sure you include any medications your dog requires to deal with pre-existing medical conditions or even travel anxieties.

Toys and treats

Toys and treats can go a long way towards soothing your dog when they’re confronted by unfamiliar surroundings. It’s common for dogs to act out when they’re somewhere new, as different smells, people and environments can confuse and distress them.

Having their favourite toys with you on your journey can put their mind at ease and can keep them entertained when on long journeys. A dog travel treat is great for managing their initial reaction to the change of environment and being able to reward them for behaving well will encourage them to relax.

Food and water

The final tip in our dog travel guide is probably the most important one; your dog’s food and water! Our recommendation is to consider the length of your trip and measure out what food your dog needs for that period of time. We would then suggest you buy your food for the trip in one and pack this amount, plus some extra in case of emergencies.

Water is important for the car trip alone, especially over long distances. Just like you need a break for coffee or refreshments when you travel, so does your dog. Consider taking a foldable, portable dog bowl with you – these are great way to save space, but also allow your dog to drink on the move.

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