Perfect Spots for Cats’ Food and Water Bowls

Whipping up the purrfect mealtime for your cat means more than just selecting their favourite food. Careful selection of their feeding station plays an important part, too.

Our Tips for Best Cat Food and Water Bowl Placement

1. Pick Out a Peaceful, Pet-Friendly Location

Often, cats are more prone to prefer eating and drinking in calm areas. High-traffic family hotspots such as kitchens or living rooms can be stressful to some cats. Look for a serene spot, perhaps a quiet hallway or a less frequently used room, for their bowls.

2. A Bowl With a View

Cats like feeling secure and fuss-free while eating – it helps to have a clear view of their surroundings. Try to avoid placing bowls in corners of rooms where their back is exposed, or their view is obstructed. Instead, choose a location where they can survey their environment easily for a fuss-free feasting spot.

3. Keep Bowls a Good Distance Away from Litter Boxes

Cats are sensitive creatures with finely tuned senses – as such, they don’t like to dine near their litter boxes. In addition to your pet’s preferences, ensuring their food and litter is kept separate prevents contamination. Try to to place their food and water bowls in a different room from your kitty’s litter box.

4. Experiment with Different Spots

Cats are sociable, intelligent critters and can convey preferences through their behaviour. Try out a few different locations in your home to pick out the perfect spot your cat may feel most comfortable eating. Closely observing their preferences can help you to identify the best spot, ensuring they enjoy mealtime to the max.

5. Separate Their Food and Water

Whilst popping fresh water and food bowls together might seem convenient, some cats might not like the smell of food while drinking. This behavior can be deeply rooted in their instincts, as wild cats tend to keep food and water sources apart.

6. Use Multiple Feeding Stations in Multi-Cat Homes

If you have more than one purry pal, consider creating several feeding stations in and around your home. This can help to reduce competition and tension amongst the group, ensuring that each cat can eat and drink at their own pace without feeling threatened, rushed or stressed. Reducing kibble competition can lead to a more harmonious multi-cat household.

Should cat bowls be elevated?

Elevating your cat’s food and water bowls can help reduce strain on their neck whilst also improving posture while eating and drinking. Raised bowls are particularly beneficial for older cats or cats with arthritis. For some felines raised feeding stations can help prevent digestive issues and make mealtime more comfortable for them. When it comes to which cat bowl is best for your cat, consider the needs of each feline companion on its own merit- it’s important to consider individual needs and preferences to ensure their comfort and satisfaction during mealtime.

The Importance of Food and Water Bowl Placement for Cats

The placement of your cats food and water bowls can contribute significantly toward their overall comfort, as well as physical and mental well-being. Despite their reputation for independence, cats are perceptive and sensitive to their eating environment. Creating a tranquil, comfortable mealtime spot is great way to improve their health and happiness.

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