Digestive health for your cat

At Encore, we are passionate about creating food that will help to keep your cat healthy and happy . Read on to find out more about how to maintain good digestive health for your cat.

How to ensure digestive health for your cat

Good digestion is important for everybody, including cats. Bad digestion can cause discomfort, a dull coat, and even vomiting – nobody wants that. At Encore, we are passionate about keeping your cat as healthy and as happy as they can possibly be and that all starts with a good diet. Read on to find out more about how to maintain good digestive health for your cat.

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What cat food is best for sensitive stomachs? Encore!

If you have been wondering ‘what cat food is good to prevent constipation?’, it’s likely that your cat isn’t getting enough fibre in their diet. Cats have drastically shorter digestive tracts than humans, so the breakdown of their food must be quicker and more efficient. This is where you might start Googling ‘which cat food is high in fibre?’ but let us save you the time – Encore is here to help.

Packed full of nutritious vegetables and protein-rich lean meat, Encore cat food is kind on sensitive stomachs and easy to digest to help your cat get back to normal. We’re passionate about high quality ingredients and only the freshest, most natural produce makes it into our products. It is crucial to know exactly what your cat is eating for good digestive health. Our Encore cat pots are served in a unique clear bowl, so you can see everything that makes Encore wet cat food healthy – even before you open one.


Good digestion= a happy cat

Another way to ensure good digestion is to give your cat food that is full of easily digestible proteins. Our cat food contains up to 75% lean cuts of real meat, providing your cat with the diet closest to the one they would eat in the wild. Omega 3 oils are also present in our fish-based recipes, and help to support the healthy function of your cat’s gut.

Removing unnecessary cereals and grains from food has been scientifically proven to improve the digestion of cats. Unlike humans, cats have a preference to use proteins as an energy source instead of carbohydrates, that’s why Encore pet food is packed with real meat that is easy to digest. Cereals and fillers are, unfortunately, a widely-used ingredient in most commercial cat food, as it makes up for the lack of protein and real meat. Encore dry cat food is made with no cereals, grains or artificial additives, leaving room for more nutritious, digestion-enhancing ingredients. Keep your cat’s tummy happy – feed them Encore.

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