What’s the best cat food for sensitive stomachs?

Is there anything worse than seeing one of your cats in pain?

Even fiercely independent felines need care and attention when sickness strikes.

One common cause of illness among cats is sensitive stomachs. Thankfully, often than not, they can be quickly remedied.

If your cat is showing signs of suffering from a sensitive stomach, it may be time to start taking a closer look at their diet.

Signs of a sensitive stomach

Cats can get upset stomachs for a variety of reasons.

Stress, medication, eating something they shouldn’t have, food allergies and intolerances.

Our pet’s guts are as fragile as our own.

The big difference of course being, we can call a doctor if something feels off, or pester a loved one for sympathy.

Our pets don’t have that luxury and are wholly reliant on us to spot symptoms.

The obvious signs are vomiting and diarrhoea.

If your cat is vomiting then it doesn’t take a pet detective to work out that something is definitely amiss.

Similarly, diarrhoea is usually a sign that a certain food or ingredient is not agreeing with your cat’s gut.

If vomiting and diarrhoea begin happening regularly then monitor the situation closely, take notes on what they have been eating, and begin working out whether it’s a simple case of tummy trouble or cause to ring the vet.

More subtle symptoms include lethargic movement, abdominal discomfort (are they curling up or whimpering more?) and lip-licking, which is a sign of nausea.

Old age can also bring with it digestive distress so make sure you take extra care to keep an eye out for these symptoms during your cat’s senior years.

Cats love to eat. So, if you’re struggling to understand your feline friend’s sudden loss of appetite, it could well be another intestinal alarm bell ringing.

A well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet is key to a cat’s health and wellbeing.

For cats suffering with sensitive stomachs, a carefully thought-out diet is even more vital.

There are many foods that can trigger allergies and intolerances in cats. Working with your vet is really important to help identify and eliminate the ingredient from their diet.

Instead, high-quality, protein-rich recipes with a variety of natural ingredients, varied levels of hydration and added vitamins and minerals, are all mealtime musts.

Natural ingredients are easier to digest and will soothe stomachs, not aggravate allergies.

Foods high in antioxidants and omega fatty acids will also help keep immune systems fighting fit, protecting our furry friends from all manner of potential stomach bugs.

Remember, if problems persist do not hesitate in contacting your vet.

Putting together a specific diet for a cat with a sensitive stomach

The ideal cat food for sensitive stomachs will contain no irritating ingredients, be highly digestible, and still remain tasty, rich in natural flavours.

When putting together a specific diet for cats with a delicate constitution, it is best to keep the transition gradual.

Altering a cat’s diet too quickly can actually bring on stomach problems, so take your time introducing new foods and keep a note of how they respond to each addition.

Wet cat food can be a good choice for fussier cats as well as ones struggling with intestinal woes.

The extra moisture found in Encore’s Chicken Breast with Brown Rice in Broth Pouch makes the food easier to digest, especially when combined with 100% natural ingredients – including 75% chicken.

Encore recipes are cereal-free, and the brown rice (4%), complements and balances the recipe perfectly, with the addition of providing dietary fibre. The flavorsome broth also provides added hydration.

High-protein diets are important for an animal’s health and wellbeing.

We have a selection of single protein products which can benefit cats with intolerances. They can also be used by vets and pet parents in identifying any potential intolerances.

If you want to try an alternative to chicken then our Tuna Fillet in Broth Tin is perfect. Consisting of 75% real meat (tuna fillet), this is a recipe rich in immune-boosting omega fatty acids, that combined with the high moisture levels makes for a succulent, stomach-soothing dish.

Encore wet cat food is designed to complement a cat’s mealtime.

For truly well-rounded nourishment, dry food should be part of a cat’s diet. And dry cat food for sensitive stomachs is an Encore speciality.

Our complete Chicken Dry Food is entirely grain free. The kibble shape and size has been developed to ensure the kibbles can be broken down easily in the mouth, aiding the digestion process.

Our dry kibbles contain ingredients such as salmon oil, kelp and cranberry, which provide natural antioxidants, contributing to overall health wellbeing and flavour.

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