Maintaining Healthy Skin and Coat

Here at Encore, we believe in looking after all aspects of your cat’s health, so we’ve compiled a list of tips on how you can maintain your cat’s skin and coat.

How to maintain your cat’s skin and coat

The overall condition of your cat’s skin and coat is about more than just physical appearance – they are visible indicators of a cat’s general health and wellbeing. Here at Encore, we know how important your feline friends are to you, so we’ve put together a go-to list on how you can keep your cat’s skin and coat in perfect condition.

The benefit of grooming for cat skin care

Grooming your cat has many positive benefits for both animal and owner. Not only is it a great way to strengthen your bond with some extra contact, but grooming is perfect for maintaining your cat’s healthy coat. Regularly brushing and combing your cat’s fur gets rid of any loose hair, dead skin cells and dirt within the fur– all of which work to maintain a healthy coat for your cat.

Like humans, a cat will feel much better and more comfortable when properly groomed. It is important to take the breed of your cat into account when considering grooming as some cats (especially long-haired breeds) will require more frequent brushing and combing.

Cats can also suffer from cat acne, which can cause considerable discomfort. If you discover that your cat has acne, then you should seek advice from a vet to ensure it is treated appropriately and effectively.

Another aspect of grooming that is extremely important when caring for your cat’s skin and coat is flea control. Fleas can cause cats a lot of irritation meaning they often seek relief with excessive scratching or licking, which can develop into sores and wounds in the skin. As a way of preventing your cat from damaging their own skin, it’s worth investing in good flea treatment to ensure your cat’s skin stays healthy and unbroken.

The Best Cat Food for Healthy Coats? Look no further!

At Encore we care about your cat’s health, which is why we are dedicated to creating wet and dry food for cats that are made with 100% natural ingredients.  A protein rich diet that is high in Omega 3 or 6 can help to promote and maintain your cat’s healthy skin and coat. All Encore natural cat food is full of nutritious and protein-rich lean meat, such as tuna fillet and shredded chicken breast, making it the perfect addition to your cats’ diet, whilst also actively working towards maintaining a healthy coat.

It’s worth noting that our wet cat food is complementary, so you should by fed with our delicious Encore complete dry food to ensure a healthy and balanced diet.

Cat health supplements

Even if you’re already feeding your cat a well-balanced diet, cat health supplements can be a great addition to optimise your cats health. If their coat or skin is looking dry or  just in need of a boost, then shopping around for supplements can prove very useful.

They can help to promote healthy skin and coat, as well as boosting vitality and overall energy levels. Most supplements for cats are fish flavoured so they can be disguised as a healthy treat!

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Cat demonstrating a healthy coat and skin
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