How Sourcing Quality Ingredients Creates a Luxury Pet Food

Cats and dogs only deserve the best, which is why at Encore we only ever use the highest quality ingredients to create our tasty, well-balanced, luxury pet food. Read on to find out how the quality ingredients in our luxury pet food can not only help to maintain overall health and wellbeing, but also satisfy all their cravings!

Encore’s quality pet food ingredients

Whether your cat is partial to chicken dishes or your dog always seems to woof down the beef steak, Encore has all of your four-legged friends’ favourite dishes covered! All of our luxury pet food contains the finest quality ingredients, so you’ll always have peace of mind that your four legged friend is only ever receiving the healthiest food.


Benefits of high-quality ingredients

Encore proudly uses only the highest quality ingredients, here’s why:

  • Quality protein sources provide a natural source of omega oils.
  • Every ingredient is 100% natural, with no artificial colourings or preservatives.
  • Our tuna is sourced from sustainable, dolphin-friendly fishing methods.

Quality protein sources provide a natural source of omega oils

At Encore, all our luxury pet food contains up to 75% real meat. Not only does this high protein content help to support muscle repair and growth, but it is naturally enriched in omega oils to keep your pet’s coat glistening. Making cuddle times a lot more enjoyable for you and for them!

Every ingredient is 100% natural with no artificial colours or preservatives

All of our luxury pet food contains only 100% natural ingredients with absolutely no added preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours. These types of unnecessary ingredients and additives can cause sensitivities and allergies. Choosing a pet food with only natural ingredients can help prevent any nasty allergic reactions, including itchy coats and skin sensitivities.

Our Tuna is sourced from sustainable, dolphin-friendly fishing methods

All of our tuna recipes are sourced using fish from sustainable sources and dolphin-friendly fishing methods, so when you buy Encore you know your pet is getting the very best, naturally.

Encore luxury pet food

At Encore, we carefully choose all of our ingredient suppliers to ensure the finest quality products and nutritional benefits. All of our factories are accredited to national or international manufacturing standards, so you won’t find any waste animal derivates or artificial ingredients, giving you the peace of mind that with Encore you’re only feeding your pet the best luxury pet food.

Check out our luxury pet food today and give your four legged friend the food that gives them a spring in their step and all the good stuff they deserve.

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