Choosing Natural Cat Food for your pet

Read on to discover why choosing natural cat food could be beneficial to your cat’s health and well being.

Why choose natural cat food?

A healthy diet makes for a healthy human and this is no different for our feline friends. As an owner, you want to make sure your cat is getting all the nutritional goodness they need to help them live a full and happy life.

Here at Encore, we care about your pets and believe they deserve the best quality food that is packed full of real meat and nutritional goodness. All of our wet food products provide a natural source of taurine and absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


A natural, complementary diet

Encore pouches, pots and tins have been created to provide your feline friend with healthy variety that they will love! All our wet cat food is complementary. This means that it should be fed in addition to a complete food e.g. Encore complete dry food, for a balanced and healthy diet.

We have a delicious range of wet food recipes that are available in a wide variety of flavours, including juicy chicken breast, tasty tuna and succulent crab. These are available in jelly or broth, offering delicious textures that will leave your cat purring with happiness!

Encore natural dry cat food is complete and balanced, making it perfect for feeding on its own to provide your cat with a tasty and nutritious diet that they can enjoy every day. It is also grain free, which can be great for cats with allergies or sensitivities. Encore dry food can also be fed alongside our wet range to provide your cat with variety that will have them racing you to mealtimes!


How to feed natural cat food in the best way

To provide your four-legged friend with a delicious diet that will have them coming back for more, we would advise that you serve dry food, so they can graze throughout the day, complemented with a portion of their favourite Encore wet food.

Cats are fickle creatures and being a cat owner sometimes means catering to your cat’s varying preferences, particularly where food is concerned! This is why our pet food experts at Encore have created a variety of cat food recipes to cater to your cat’s specific tastes. Whether your cat is a big fan of tuna or prefers chicken breast, we have made choosing natural cat food an easy and simple task for you!

Why not head over to our website to learn more about our complementary natural cat food?

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