Why natural dog food?

At Encore, we are passionate about creating food that will help to keep your dog healthy and happy. Learn more about why natural dog food recipes are better for your dog's gut health.

Why natural dog food is good for gut health

Dogs are very much like humans when it comes to their digestive health. Health and diet are directly linked- meaning a balanced and protein-rich diet is key to good gut health. Learn why natural dog food is the best choice for your dog and how making some simple swaps in diet could improve gut health and overall lifestyle.

What is Natural Dog Food

You might be surprised by the number of dog owners who don’t know what natural dog food is. In simple terms, it is the use of 100% natural ingredients, usually from plant or animal sources and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Many owners feed their dogs kibble or wet food based on the branding or the cost. But how often do you check the back of the pack to see what is actually in it? There is a big difference between the content of these lower quality, low cost foods compared to what natural dog food brands provide. At Encore we care about what’s inside, that’s why our recipes are made with as little as 3 ingredients and up to 75% real meat.

Many dog food brands use as little as 4% meat and bulk out the rest using artificial fillers, additives and preservatives which can often leads to poor digestibility and gut health. At Encore we believe that mealtimes should be a highlight of the day for all the family – pets included! That’s why we have created a range of exciting natural dog food recipes that will have your four-legged friends racing you to the bowl!

Why natural dog food is better for a dog's gut health

Dogs thrive on natural dog food recipes that are high in protein, low in carbohydrates and have plenty of moisture and natural minerals.  Natural dog food does not contain any harmful toxins or artificial fillers, meaning they are much easier to digest. They also contain the right levels of moisture, carbohydrates and vegetables-  ensuring your dog has a balanced and healthy diet.

Like humans, dogs can suffer with sensitivities and are often very fussy about what they eat. Natural dog food, such as Encore, doesn’t contain artificial colours, additives or preservatives meaning it is ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies. Dogs feeding from natural recipes are also known to excrete a lot less, this is due to the reduced waste product in their food.

Where can i find good natural dog food?

Natural dog food brands such as Encore are easy to find online or in all major UK grocery stores. Take a look at Encore’s natural dog food range to see the difference for yourself!

Encore discusses why natural dog food is better
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