Wet vs dry: What’s better for my dog?

We ask you to ‘paws’ for a moment while we work this one out once and for all.

It is the age-old debate that sets the tails wagging among dog owners: wet dog food or dry dog food? Whilst wet dog food is full of moisture and flavour, dry dog food is more convenient and less messy to serve. We ask you to ‘paws’ for a moment while we work this one out once and for all.

Firstly, we should state that there is no definitive answer as long as your dog is happy and healthy – that’s all that matters to us as pet owners! However, it’s worth knowing a little more about the contents of what they’re eating to help you make that choice and know exactly how healthy they are.


Why dry dog food?

One of the advantages of dry dog food is that it is often the cheaper option. It is often concentrated, which means servings do not have to be as large and therefore work out as a more cost-effective solution. It includes less packaging, so can be more environmentally friendly and can cut down on your waste. It is also more convenient, as it doesn’t have a strong smell and doesn’t leave a mess if spilt or if you have a messy eater!

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages to using only dry food. Dry dog food products tend to include fillers, as opposed to proper nutritional ingredients. These fillers can cause issues with dog’s digestion and set off allergies and sensitivities. They’re also more likely to develop skin conditions when eating dry food, this can be caused by the lack of moisture in their diet and can lead to dehydration.

Why wet dog food?

One of the many advantages of wet dog food is that it’s far more appealing to the dog and is available in a range of different flavours and textures to add variety to their diet. How would you feel eating the same meal every day? Wet foods often have a lower energy content, helping to satisfy your dog whilst consuming less. Wet food is of course, wet! This can provide a valuable source of hydration for your companion.

However, depending on the quality of the wet food you are buying, it can work out to be more expensive than dry dog food. Also, it is likely that dogs that eat a solely wet diet will require more dental attention and cleaning – especially if the food contains added sugars.

In summary, the biggest piece of advice we can give you is to be attentive to what is in the food that you’re buying for your dog. There are advantages to both wet and dry food and a mixture of both will provide a healthy, balanced and varied diet for your dog.

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Wet dog food vs dry dog food - Which is better for your dog
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