Training tips for an older dog

Encore's tips and tricks to make training a senior dog easier. Read on to learn more!

We’ve all heard the saying about teaching an old dog new tricks. Many still think it’s impossible – here at Encore we disagree. Training an older dog might come with some complications and difficulties, but precious time with your dog will make it worthwhile. Here are our tips and tricks to make training a senior dog easier. Hint: the best soft food for senior dogs will help. Read on to learn more!

Wet dog food for senior dogs

Training a senior dog (or any dog, for that matter) will be made easier if you are well-stocked with food that you know they like. At Encore, we offer a wide range of dog food, including wet dog food for senior dogs. Our dog jelly pouches are packed with unique recipes, combining protein-rich chicken with oily salmon which offers the omega 3 and 6 to help your senior dog keep their shiny coat. Team our delicious, complementary, and easy to digest food with Encore complete pate or a dry food for a healthy and balanced diet.

Don’t push your senior dog too far and be realistic when testing their speed and agility – their energy levels may not be as good as you remember. Be patient. Training an older dog is going to require some gentle persuasion! – what better reward than some Encore wet food?

Your dog always has a wag and a smile for you, but their teeth may have deteriorated over the years. Try Encore wet food, or for a complete option treat your dog to Encore pate. We wanted to take our food to another level when it came to being the best senior wet dog food. Our luxurious dog pate is a senior dog’s best friend. Made with lots of lean meat protein, it is as soft as they need it to be, with no compromise on taste – and is totally complete.

Teaching an old dog new tricks - it can be done!

Try to keep training sessions nice and short, so your senior dog doesn’t become over-tired. It’s good if you can designate particular times of the day to train your dog, so that they get into a routine of learning the same thing at the same times.

Problematic behaviour and naughty habits can become a thing of the past with the right amount of patience, love and attention. If your dog has been mistreated in the past, now is your chance to show them the kindness they deserve. We hope our tips will lead to a significant change in behaviour.

For more information on how to train your senior dog or to purchase some tempting Encore wet food to encourage good behaviour, click HERE to shop.

Encore discusses teaching an old dog new tricks
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