The Wet Food Vs Dry Food Debate

At Encore, we understand how difficult it can be to know which cat food to choose to keep your cat healthy and happy, so we have compiled some useful advice and pointers to help you. Read on to find out more!

It can be difficult to decide what kind of food is best to feed your feline friend – especially since you can’t discuss their food preferences with them! The ongoing debate between wet and dry cat food can be very confusing, especially given the variety and choice that is out there. We have compared the positives of wet and dry cat food to highlight the benefits of each – putting our popular products to the test!

Wet vs dry cat food? Encore explains the differences!

When it comes to cat food, there are many different varieties and options available. This can cause cat owners some confusion when choosing what food is best to feed their feline friend. It’s important to remember that wet cat food and dry cat food are both excellent choices and have many positive benefits for a cat’s health.

Wet Cat Food

One of the main health benefits that wet cat food offers is extra moisture, this can provide an added source of hydration for your cat. The added moisture is helpful for cats that don’t drink enough – especially during the summer months – to prevent them from becoming dehydrated. The amount of water that a cat drinks is very important, as they can become susceptible to urinary infections or kidney problems if they are dehydrated.

At Encore we believe that your cat deserves better, healthier food, that’s why wet food our recipes contain up to 75% high-quality, real meat that is moist and succulent – ideal for ensuring your cat’s hydration levels are maintained.  Encore wet cat food is available in a range of different tastes and textures- whether your cat is partial to shrimp, tuna, chicken or even mackerel, Encore has it covered.

Encore wet cat food is a great choice for fussy eaters or cats that suffer with stomach sensitivities. Our real meat broth pots, tins and pouches are 100% natural and are made from tasty shredded chicken breast, tuna fillet, salmon, and many more delicious flavours.

To ensure your cat is getting a healthy and balanced diet, feed Encore complementary wet food products with Encore complete dry food.

Dry Cat Food

Many cat owners tend to favour dry food as it is more convenient to leave out if you’re at work all day and allows your cat to graze with independence. With dry food, you can often expect your cat to keep regularly going back to their food, rather than eating it in one go as they tend to with wet food. This can give you a better idea of how much your cat is eating throughout the day, which is especially helpful if your cat has a tendency to overeat.

Another convenient benefit of dry food is that it won’t become contaminated quickly, so there is no need to worry about leaving a bowl out for your cat when you aren’t at home. It can be reassuring for some owners to know that their cat is able to nibble on their dry food as and when they please.

Dry food can have added health benefits for cats who suffer from dietary problems or sensitive stomachs, as it can be easier for cats to digest. Crunchy dry cat food can also be a great way of maintaining your cat’s dental health as crunching on the biscuits can help reduce plaque and tartar build up on their teeth.

Encore complete dry cat food is made with 100% natural ingredients and is 100% grain free- making it the perfect dry food option for your cat. Our complete formula contains 80% animal protein and 20% vegetables, so it is easy to digest and kind to sensitive tummies. Our recipe is complete and balanced, so you have the option to feed on its own or combined with one of our delicious wet food products for more variety.

The wet cat food vs dry cat food debate is a very difficult one to give a definite answer to. Many of the arguments for and against both products are based purely on subjective opinion. Here at Encore, we recommend feeding your feline friend a combination of both wet and dry cat food to ensure that your cat’s diet is as nutritious and wholesome as possible. To view our range or buy online click here.

Encore discusses the debate of wet cat food vs dry cat food
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