Chicken Selection in Gravy Pots

Chicken Selection in Gravy Pots - 4 x 70g

100% Natural | A source of Omega-6 | 50% Real Meat

Encore pots are lovingly made with 100% natural ingredients, so good that your cat will love you almost as much as they love meal times! Simply peel the lid and serve straight from the pot – no mess and no need for a bowl.

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Key Benefits

100% Natural
Real Meat

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Multipack Contains


Chicken Breast in Gravy Pot - 70g


Chicken Breast with Duck in Gravy Pot - 70g

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Feeding Guide

For cats less than 3kg

For cats 3 to 5kg

For cats over 5kg

Feed with Encore complete dry cat food for a balanced diet. Serve at room temperature. Fresh drinking water should be made available at all times.

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Related FAQs

What are the most healthy cat treats?

The healthiest cat treats are natural treats which work alongside your cat’s regular diet. Beware – some cats will love the taste of lower quality cat treats which have clever chemically produced ingredients which your cat may crave. A healthier option is to feed all-natural cat treats such as Encore loins, which are made from natural human grade ingredients with absolutely nothing artificial.

How many cat treats should your feed your cat?

Treats should not make up more than 20% of your cat’s daily diet. You can feed as many treats as you like as long as you do not exceed this ratio. Unlike many other treats that include additional sugars and additives, Encore Tuna loins contain only one ingredient- Tuna, making them a tasty and healthy treat for your cat.

What does complementary cat food mean?

Complementary cat food contains many essential nutrients to keep your cat healthy, but it does not contain all the nutrients a cat requires as part of a complete and balanced diet. This means that one of your cat’s meals each day should be a complete food in order to balance the nutrients. When feeding Encore complementary wet food, we recommend that you also have a bowl of Encore dry food available for your cat to enjoy.

What is the best food for cats with allergies?

The best food for cats with allergies is one which is carefully put together to avoid the common triggers of a cat’s allergies. These triggers can include grains such as wheat or animal derivatives, therefore a high protein diet without grain and wheat is can be more suitable.

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