The Cat Lover

Cat Lovers think their cats deserve the best, so they always serve the best food. Cats are clever. They give in to their owner’s obsessive adoration, just long enough to secure their next meal of 100% natural Encore.


If you own a cat mug or kitty printed t-shirt you’re definitely a Cat Lover. Don’t hold back, show them how much you care – your cat feels exactly the same about the naturally delicious Encore.

Helena and her cat Gizmo


Meet Helena Abrahams – Cat Lover, Model & Campaigner.

In 2016, Helena’s cat Gizmo went missing. After weeks of searching, Helena found out that her beloved cat had died in a road traffic accident and had been cremated without her knowledge. There was no chance for her to say goodbye.

Helena set up Gizmo’s Legacy petition in remembrance. She is campaigning to make it U.K. Law that all injured or deceased cats collected on the roads by local councils are scanned for a microchip, ensuring every furry family member can be rightfully traced back to their owners.

Cat Lovers unite. At Encore, we are proud to support Helena’s mission to give our cats the food, love and care they deserve. Please join us in showing your support and share Gizmo’s Legacy with your friends.