Love What's Inside

'Love what's inside' is our new campaign made with real people, real stories and real food. Watch our film to discover just how unique the relationships between cats and their owners can be.

Real people, real stories, real food

Cats will put up with anything for Encore Natural Cat Food. Cuddles, belly rubs, being picked up – even their owners’ weird and wonderful cat quirks. That’s why we’re celebrating ‘Love What’s Inside’ in our new campaign. Watch each of our fun, feline films to see which owner you’re most like.


Fun Cat Snapper or secret Cat Huffer? We want to know what your cat tolerates, and loves about you. Vote now.

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Are you a cat huffer?


You just can’t wait to bury your face in the fur and inhale deeply – it’s huffing marvellous. Your cat hopes you’ll return the favour by letting them bury their face in a bowl of Encore – the cat food that smells delicious, naturally.

Photo for Encore Cat Huffer campaign of male cat owner hugging their cat

The cat bearder

Your cat will do anything to get their paws on Encore – even let you hold them up to your face so it looks like you’ve grown a cat shaped beard! Never tried it? Bet you will now – how does your cat beard look?

Close up for Encore Cat Whisperer campaign of owner and their cat


You talk to your cat, it’s natural – they’re part of the family. Sometimes it’s like they can really understand what you’re saying and they’ll do anything you ask – or is that only when you’re holding a dish of naturally delicious Encore?

Photo of an Encore cat owner photographing a cat on their phone


You’ll spend hours trying to capture the perfect photo of every cute angle and fun trick – your cat knows it too. Serve Encore and your cat will strike the perfect pose. Snap it. Post it. Like it.

Photo of woman sitting with cat as part of Encore Cat Lover campaign film


You love cats so much; you can’t help but show it. Cat mug to kitty printed t-shirt – you can’t get enough of your feline friend. Don’t hold back, your cat feels exactly the same about the naturally delicious Encore.