Wet Cat Food

Wet Food

Discover all the flavours of Encore. Give your cat shredded chicken breast in nutritious broth or tender tuna fillet in rich jelly. Every Encore recipe is made with 100% natural ingredients, up to 75% real meat with natural taurine to keep your cat healthy and happy. More real meat for them means more cuddles for you!

Wet Food for your Cat

Tuna Fillet with Whitebait in Broth Pouch - 70g

Tuna Fillet with Sea Bream in Broth Tin - 70g

Sardine with Tuna Fillet in Broth Tin - 70g

Tuna with Salmon in Jelly Tin - 70g

Chicken Breast with Brown Rice in Broth Pouch - 70g

Finest Selection in Broth Tins - 12 x 70g

Fish Selection in Broth Pouches - 10 x 70g

Finest Selection in Broth Pouches - 10 x 70g

Tuna Fillet with Prawn in Broth Pouch - 70g

Fish Selection in Jelly Pouches - 5 x 50g

Chicken Selection in Jelly Pouches - 5 x 50g

Chicken Breast in Broth Tin - 70g


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Your cat will love what's inside our other products too!

Wet cat food

Encore wet cat food is lovingly created with the most high-quality, real meat products. Our recipes are designed for maximum flavour – to ensure your cat will love what’s inside. We use only sustainable fishing methods to source our tuna, and only the most succulent chicken breasts for our meat-based dishes. Wet cat food is often the most preferred food for your feline friend. The meat is moist and succulent, which guarantees not only a tasty meal, but also counts towards your cat’s hydration levels. Although you should always remember to have a bowl of fresh water within easy reach of your cat, at meal times and throughout the day, too.

Why wet cat food?

Wet cat food is also a great choice for cats who may be fussy eaters. Particularly our real meat broths, made from tasty chicken breasts and delicate tuna flakes. Made with completely natural ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives, Encore wet cat food is bursting with natural flavours and wholesome goodness that your cat will love. We offer a selection of wet cat food products, designed to cater for your cat’s dietary needs – as well as their personal preferences. The see-through packaging of our broth pouches and food pots means that you can really see the quality of our high protein recipes. Pouches can be bought in singles or multipacks – the choice is yours – and we offer tinned food and delicious treats too.

Feeding complementary wet cat food

For a truly rounded diet, remember to include our complete dry food at feeding times. Our wet cat food is designed to complement their diet and provide a delicious and succulent addition to each daily meal – with all the vitamins and minerals required for all-round good health and wellbeing.